Cross Laminated Timber

CLT – Cross Laminated Timber

 What is it?

CLT “Cross Laminated Timber” is a solid, static load-bearing timber panel that is ideal for many structural requirements thanks to its flexible dimensions and outstanding physical properties. Durable bonding of the cross-wise layered construction made of high-quality raw material guarantees that the components are absolutely dimensionally stable and rigid.  

As a building product, its versatile nature and multi-use qualities are leading the way in forward thinking design where traditionally other materials were used

 What’s it made from?

Finger-jointed and planed lamellas of graded Spruce wood from sustainably managed forests are laid next to each other and the flat surfaces of the layers glued at right angles to one another. To avoid uncontrolled stress cracks, the narrow sides are not glued. The layers are pushed laterally to dimension before applying the pressure (1.2 N/mm2) in order to obtain a gap-free surface.  The manufactured panels are then surface planned to exacting sizes.  The panels can be supplied either as ‘blank’ CLT panels or can be CNC fabricated to allow for rebates, drill holes & connection details etc all as per the project requirements .


3 Types of surface qualities are provided:

  • Industrial quality - Used where the appearance is not critical, 
  • Standard quality – Surfaces are planned and defects made good
  • Living space quality – Surfaces are planned, defects made good, and sanded for a smoother finish


Sizes available:



• Family houses and apartment buildings
• Multi-storey residential buildings
• Building extensions
• Urban development
• Nurseries and schools
• Commercial, office and industrial buildings
• Agricultural buildings
• Tourism and leisure
• Modular buildings


• Solid, value-maintaining construction
• Space gain due to reduced component thickness
• Flexible design without grid pattern
• Excellent shape and dimensional accuracy
• Outstanding structural properties
• Prefabricated elements, simple low-dust and low-noise assembly
• Short building time due to dry construction
• Natural, sustainable construction material
• CO2 reservoir

Please visit our download section for further information such as design information, technical details & material properties.



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