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Cedarlan is one of the largest glulam timber suppliers in Ireland. Our work is varied and as diverse from selling stock glulam beams around the country to designing and manufacturing one-off structures to suit a particular application that include, post and beams structures, portal frame structures, footbridges and canopies

We price on receipt of a drawing from the architect or the engineer, which clearly shows the design intention of the project. A quotation based on this would then be submitted. Once acceptance has been given, we would prepare structural calculations where they are necessary. Following these, we would submit our fabrication drawings for approval. Generally these drawings would detail the glulam and associated metalwork only, which would be included in our package. If required, a quotation for installation can be offered also.

Our design staff has vast experience with regard to the possibilities of glulam for use as a structural material. Glulam coupled with specifically designed metalwork connections can offer endless possibilities for your structural requirements. For structural and decorative trusses, we can offer solid timber (where suitable) as an alternative to glulam if the client so wishes.


Common stock GL28C Grade Spruce beams held in stock in our premises in Cork:

  90 x 225 x 12m

  90 x 270 x 12m

  90 x 315 x 12m

100 x 240 x 12m


100 x 280 x 12m

100 x 320 x 12m

100 x 360 x 12m

100 x 400 x 12m

120 x 320 x 12m

120 x 400 x 12m

140 x 140 x 12m

140 x 240 x 12m

140 x 280 x 12m

140 x 320 x 12m

140 x 360 x 12m

140 x 400 x 12m

140 x 520 x 12m

Please contact us for availability, smaller & larger & longer beams available on request



Environmentally Friendly:

A 305mm x 165mm steel ‘I’ beam has the equivalent performance of a 550mm x 135mm softwood glulam beam but requires six times the energy cost to produce. A comparable 400mm x 250mm reinforced concrete beam requires five times the energy cost to produce. Add to this the pollutant by-products of these wasteful processes and steel and concrete structures are even more environmentally undesirable.

Energy Efficient:

Glulam is also energy efficient in use. The well-known insulation property of timber eliminates the risk of cold bridging where the frame may penetrate external elements of the structure. Its low thermal mass helps reduce fuel bills by absorbing little space heating energy.

Strength To Weight:

A structural steel beam may be 20% heavier and a concrete beam 600% heavier than an equivalent glulam beam.

Chemical Resistance:

Timber and the synthetic adhesives used in bonding glulam have a remarkable resistance to chemical attack and therefore glulam is often chosen as the preferred structural material for buildings such as salt barns, water treatment plants, etc.


A direct cost comparison shows that it is competitive with other structural materials; and the lower weight of glulam leads to savings on foundations, transport and erection.

Good Looking:

The natural appearance of glulam is sufficiently attractive to make it eminently presentable with no cladding – indeed, used as exposed beams, glulam adds to the aesthetic appeal of a structure.


Glulam can be used for roof, lintel and floor beams, columns and rafters in almost any type of structure.

Portal Frames:
Portal Frame design is a method by which glulam is used to form the internal “ribs” of a building, while also maintaining an aesthetically pleasing aspect of the structural function. This concept is commonplace in leisure centres and swimming pools in past projects throughout the country.

Post and Beam Structures
Post and Beam concepts are very diverse, and can be as intricate or as simple as a client requires. In principal they are design alternative to the portal frame idea, and carry out the same structural function but in a different style in terms of aesthetics.

Curved Structures
We have used curved glulam beams in a number of notable structures around the country, such as Shannon Airport and the University of Limerick. These beams are manufactured especially by our supply Glulam providers, are then erected by our specialised site crews. From some of the images attached, it is clearly visible that these are an integral part of the building’s design both in terms of being fit for purpose and aesthetically pleasing to architects, engineers and the client alike, and is something we at Cedarlan take great pride in.


One – Off Structures
Glulam, though often thought of as alternative to steel in terms of fabricating a buildings shell, can be used to decorative effect for one structures. Over the past few years we have designed and built items as diverse as glulam bridges for a golf club to glulam balconies for a country club, illustrating how diverse a material it can be.

Leisure Centres and Swimming Pool Facilities
In recent years, glulam has become very popular in the construction of new leisure centres and swimming pool facilities, due to their environmentally friendly nature, and their economic and aesthetic advantages over steel. Glulam can be used in various forms, and from the attached images, the scale of the jobs is quite impressive.

Other Materials

We also manufacture structures using other materials such as Oak, Douglas Fir & Larch for example.  Should you have an enquiry please get in contact with us!

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