Glulam Structures

Glulam components can be combined together to form a structure for a building.

Our services can include for structural design and detailed drawings, manufacture of the glulam parts and associated connections, and assembly on site. i.e. a full specialized package.

In fact in many cases, we can design a glulam solution where normally structural steel is used.

Natural, renewable, and carbon storing – better for the planet.

“If buildings were re-invented today, renewable materials would play a key role. A revolution of more climate friendly and sustainable building is possible with the help of well-developed, green building products. The rest is up to designers and constructors”.

Some types of structures include:

  • Service plazas

  • Swimming Pools

  • Hotels

  • Shopping Centers

  • Gyms

  • Riding Halls

  • Houses

  • Endless Possibilities

cedarlan cork glulam structures

We can also supply Structural Timber Deck to be fitted to the structure which can offer racking and support for the final cover – see pics.