Cedar & Larch Cladding

Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch cladding is very popular for their beauty and longevity.
Cedar cladding has become ever more common in Ireland in recent times, be it in smaller domestic jobs or large-scale commercial projects.

Its natural beauty, durability and environmentally friendly advantages over other cladding alternatives such as aluminium, steel or PVC, make it a firm favourite with developers, architects and homeowners alike. The cedar can be treated or left to weather to a natural silvery – grey look, all to the preference of each individual client.

cedarlan cork cedar larch cladding

We stock 3 types of Western Red Cedar Cladding:

  • Cedar Shiplap Sheeting
  • Cedar Tongued, Grooved & V-jointed Sheeting (TG&V)

  • Cedar Shadow Gap Sheeting


Common Queries

Lengths? – The cedar profiles we carry in stock vary in lengths, but are typically 2100mm to 3200mm.

Fitting & Fixings? – When supplying the cedar sheeting we can also source the necessary stainless steel fixings required to fit it.

cedarlan cork cedar larch cladding

Cedar Shiplap Sheeting

Cedar shiplap is perhaps the most popular type of cladding we stock. The board is 130mm in width with coverage of 115mm. It is typically fitted horizontally but has occasionally been fitted vertically also.

However, we would advise against vertical fitting if the cladding is to be exposed to very harsh weather conditions.

Cedar TG&V Sheeting

TG&V (Tongue, Grooved & V-jointed) cladding is also a very popular cladding option for clients. It is usually fitted vertically, though it can run horizontally also.

It is ideal for use as Soffit when using solid cedar fascia, something that we can manufacture to a clients spec in our workshop. The board is 90mm wide with coverage of 80mm.

Shadow Gap Sheeting:

The shadow gap detail is newest of the cladding types we carry as stock item.

As with the shiplap, it is traditionally clad horizontally with the tongue and joint detail forming a 10mm shadow gap. The board measure 115mm in width with an approximate coverage of 100mm.

Corner Angle Profile:

We also stock a cedar corner profile piece, which is an excellent means of closing the external angles of the various cladding profiles.

Siberian Larch Cladding:

Similar to Cedar however a harder wood with more knots, it is available in similar profiles and we can also offer a charred, brushed & oiled finish which is proving popular.

cedarlan cork cedar siberian larch cladding